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I couldn't believe it when Cash sent me his pictures. He had a cute face and great abs and I couldn't wait to get him naked. He had just turned 18 a month before I filmed him and he said that porn was something he had wanted to do for a while. He was actually still a senior in high school and was planning to attend a local university in the Fall.

He brought a friend of his with him for safety, and he played on the computer just off camera while Cash jerked off. Off camera they talked about having 3-ways with girls and all the different sexual positions they did, so Cash didn't have any issues having his friend in the room while he beat his meat.

While Cash was in the restroom, his friend said he might want to do a scene but didn't want Cash to know for some reason. He showed me his goods and said he'd get back to me, but that was the last I ever saw of his friend. Lesson them while you got them.

Luckily, Cash did come back to do more. This is the first of several videos I made of this young hottie, so be on the lookout for others.

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