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About TXCollegeBoys

I'm just an average guy with an above average voyeuristic side. I grew up in a college town in Texas, and there are tons of hot guys everywhere. I always thought it would be hot to watch these guys strip and do their thing but didn't really know how to make that a reality. I started placing a few ads online and was amazed at the results I got.

I had zero training or interest in photography, but that didn't hinder me as I figured this would really only be for my eyes anyway. Armed with a simple camcorder I shot my first video. After that I was hooked.

I started selling these on an adult auction site just so I could afford to keep filming, and I eventually got noticed by a small amateur DVD company who produced some of my stuff. After several years of filming, I figured it was time to create a website and share these guys with all of you.

Many are solo, but there are duo videos as well. Most importantly, though, they are all amateur shot by me.....Steve Myer's personal home-made stash made available to you. There are no sets or cheesy music Sometimes it's just as if someone took out their camera and started filming.....actually that's EXACTLY what it is.

These guys could very well be the guy that bags your groceries, the one you drool over in the mall, or quite possibly even the guy next door. Some have gone on to do work for bigger companies, but the majority of these guys have no desire to do porn professionally. They just need extra cash and enjoy showing off.

As technology advances I have and will continue to strive to make my videos better, but I hope to always keep that amateur feel as well.

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions, and if you know of a guy in the Texas area you think should be on this site please have him contact me.

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